The Divine Enlightenment Channels

Avatar Swami Sri Sai Kaleshwar’s Ashram in Penukonda, India

The Master Channels

About 25 years ago Avatar Swami Sri Sai Kaleshwar, a devotee of world famous Spiritual Master Shirdi Sai Baba was led by his teacher to “The Divine Enlightenment Channels, which are  several Ancient Palm Leaf Manuscripts containing ancient knowledge revealed to the Sri Sai gurus, saints and sages over the past 10,000 years. The palm leaf manuscripts contained the mysteries of Creation, such as the mechanics of miracles and healing, how to create divine children, and numerous ways to achieve direct experiences with the divine. They contain sacred formulas that when correctly practiced awaken the incredible capability hidden within each soul.

The Master Channels

“Every soul has the potential to reach the level of a Shirdi Baba or Jesus,” Sri Kaleshwar said, “and contribute amazing things to the world.”Through the practices given in the palm leaves, one could heal their entire Soul and awaken the soul’s true capacity. He explained that the only real difference between a master and a student is knowledge. Sri Kaleshwar believed the world needed this knowledge, and it was key to making real change in the world. theThough he was already enlightened and possessed immense spiritual power, for years Sri Kaleshwar researched and practiced the formulas prescribed in the palm leaves. He did this to receive blessings from the Divine Mother and to teach the sacred formulas to his students. Everything he taught, he tested himself first. He said they are the same ancient formulas studied and mastered by Jesus and other maharishis in India. In the past, the information in the palm leaves was kept secret, given only to a few. However, now was the time, Sri Kaleshwar said, to make it readily available to help heal the world’s suffering and transform the way spirituality is practiced on the planet.


The Divine Enlightenment Channels provide a detailed list of life changing Yogic Meditations to take a Soul from damaged and suffering to having balanced karma and achieving complete Soul Healing from the inside out, on all levels. The Divine Enlightenment Channels are also channels for a Soul to go beyond Self Healing to healing others and gaining amazing Spiritual power and abilities, all while growing your Soul capacity and connecting to your Higher-SELF to access your own inner wisdom and receive direct guidance.

The 5 Elements Process aka The Pancha Bhutas

Sri Kaleshwar teaches that the energy of the five elements is what awakens a person’s divine channels. The five elements—earth, fire, sky (ether or space), water and air—are the five pillars of Creation. When a master awakens the spiritual energy in a student, the hidden mechanism causing the awakening is the five elements’ energy. This is why the Five Elements Process™ is fundamental to all of Swami’s teachings.

In the Five Elements Process™ you ‘charge’ your soul with the energy of each element. Charging purifies the element in you and heals you. Once you are charged with that element, particular symptoms appear which indicate that you are aligned with the energy of the element and can then use it to heal others. All miracles happen through the five elements’ energy. Ultimately, through advanced techniques to command on the five elements, you become a siddha, a supernatural saint.

The Five Elements Process™ opens an individual’s spiritual channels to connect directly with the cosmic energy. It brings the highest peace, opens the heart, increases willpower and mental clarity, and creates positive protection circles around you. Your mind naturally becomes very peaceful and relaxed, enabling you to meditate easily. Wisdom grows spontaneously and your life automatically becomes more successful.

This process reveals how to use the divine power of the elements to heal stress, depression and mental and physical disorders, to send healing energy over long distances, and to open channels that enable you to communicate with the angels. The Five Elements Process™ is the basic knowledge underlying all of the ancient systems revealed by Swami Kaleshwar.

The Five Elements Meditation Process has enormous benefits that include:

1. It creates strong willpower.

2. You will have full command on connecting the highest positive energy.

3. You will create around yourself divine energy circles.

4. You can heal yourself very easily. 

5. You can heal other people who are having trouble with negative energies.

6. If someone is using their energies in a negative way, like black magic powers, you can remove those energies and stop them.

7. You can make your mind very peaceful for concentrating on meditation. Your knowledge will automatically improve and make your life successful. 

8. It helps your everyday life, your business life, whatever it is.

9. You can also heal your family members and your children.

10. You can bring the good fortune into your life.

The beginning course on the elements, the Five Elements Process™, purifies our body, charges our soul with the five elements and opens a connection to the cosmic energy. That’s Part A. Part B, the Inner 5 Element Process™ is also for purification, but at an even deeper level. It directly relates to your soul energy and your soul capacity. You learn to identify and handle the strong illusion channels around your soul and to wash them out, known as blocks. It is a big chapter on maya/illusion, karma, and negativity and how each of these are working on your soul and affecting your life.

The Inner 5 Element Process™ consists of two main sections. The first section focuses on ‘blocks’. Blocks are all the negative emotions, thoughts and actions creating negative vibrations in your soul. Until you can recognize your blocks, you are a victim of them. They are the darkness covering your soul’s light and the most difficult channels to master. You need to develop strong soul resistance and powerful protection circles to handle soul illusions. This section requires deep inner awareness, honesty, an open heart, courage and deep surrendering. This process addresses these blocks and the universe comes as your ‘good enemy’—intentionally creating the circumstances for your blocks to surface—to help you experience and identify them. Just as in the beginning of the Five Elements Process™ it was necessary for you to heal yourself before you could heal others, so too, without washing your own blocks it is not possible for you to help others wash their karmas. It’s through the five elements that illusions and karmas are addressed.

The second section of the Inner 5 Element Process™ brings you to deeper, direct understanding of the subtle energy of each element. You move in the direction of commanding on the elements. For example, once you can command on the inner energy of the water element you can wash 80% of the illusions. You can do beautiful miracles like regenerate a soul that has left the body/died. Through this process you can help take care of the Creation in a beautiful way. To really become a master, to become in one part a creator responsible for people’s karmas—purifying them, washing them, releasing them—and to be able to give divine experiences, you have to go through these inner five element’s channels. Gaining this energy makes you eligible for the next beautiful step: preparing for darshan with Mother Divine.



  • stabilizes body and mind 
  • Heals physical ailments, 
  • Strengthens a weak constitution
  • Balances psychological instabilities
  • Helps disturbed sleep 
  • Brings relief to ones suffering from a constant sense of fear
  • Supportive in the fulfillment 
  • Removes doubt and fear 
  • Gain the ability to live life to one’s full potential.

The Holy Womb Chakra

The Holy Womb Chakra is our creation chakra. With a healthy and purified womb chakra we can awaken our creative power, connect with the Divine Mother, manifest our lives consciously, gain amazing healing power and heal our selves at the deepest levels. The “Womb” in this case doesn’t only refer to our female reproductive system but the Cosmic Womb of Creation from which we all emerged.

The womb holds 3 main energies;

  1. Our reactions (KARMA),
  2. Our desires (KAMA)
  3. Our creation power (NADA BINDHU). 

When the soul comes into the body it brings all the karmas we have created since our soul first came into existence. Karmas are lessons we have not learned, they are accumulated by how we react to what ever is happening around us. If we reaction to an uncomfortable situation in a loving and positive way you acquire positive karma and you will move to your next lesson. That positive karma then manifests itself in an equal or greater experience through our womb chakra. Same goes for negative karma acquired by our negative reaction to uncomfortable situations. Unfortunately the lessons that we don’t learn continue to manifest in our-lives until we learn to react in a positive and loving way.  

Our desire energy plays a huge part in our everyday life. An unbalanced Kama chakra will manifest damaging habits, addictions and the inability to focus on positive desires. A healthy purified Kama Chakra will attract and manifest your positive desire and dreams, as well as having the self-control to form healthy and positive habits.

Power of Creation- Our ability and power to manifest the lives we want lives within our womb chakra. The womb chakra is where all the energy you use to manifest your life is stored. With a healthy purified womb chakra we can manifest our lives quickly and accurately. With a damaged womb we are unable to hold the energy needed to manifest the lives we want.

Energetic Bond- We cause harm to our Womb Chakra through the misunderstanding of how to properly use sexual energy. With each sexual partner a soul bond (energetic connection) is created from Womb Chakra to Womb Chakra. Every person is connected on a soul level to every partner they have ever had. Their energy is still affecting you. Having many different partners confuses the soul and disturbs your Womb Chakra. The moment bodily fluids are exchanged an energetic connection is created. This connection is designed to automatically send 50% of the energy you receive throughout your day (positive and negative energy) to the person or persons your womb is linked to. This is true for every sexual partner we have ever had since your Soul was birth from the Cosmic Womb of The Divine Mother. 

Heartbreak- The Heartbreak you cause and the Heartbreak you experienced damages our soul and damages our Womb Chakra. A soul that is heartbroken generates negative thoughts leading to unworthiness, insecurity, a negative self-image and such symptoms such as depression, anxiety, sleep and eating disorders, addictions, and co-dependent relationships. These negative impressions reverberate throughout our life. Our heartbreak also contributes to our attraction to destructive behaviors and people that are not good for us.

A damaged Womb Chakra can affect one’s life in a variety of ways such as physical illness, addictions, an inability to maintain a healthy relationship based on pure and positive kama (sexual desire), the tendency to jump from partner to partner or commit “soul prostitution” by staying with someone without love. A person with an unhealthy Womb Chakra lacks clarity and is unable to implement sustained positive change. Also, the stamina required to be a healer cannot be maintained; one is unable to hold high divine energy because the vibrations “evaporate like alcohol in a bowl.

#1 – Through giving or receiving any kind of heartbreak.

#2 – Having too many sexual partners.

Everyone needs to experience unconditional love. This is one of the higher purposes of relationships. We need soul-to-soul relationships which are based not on surface attraction but on soul attraction. The energy from a healthy and purified Womb Chakra will automatically attract these kind of relationships to us. Everyone has a soul mate and needs to find their soul mate. As your Womb Chakra is purified and strengthened, it helps to pull your soul mate to you.

* Balance 99% of your karma 

* Severe all energetic bonds to past partners

* Heal physical disease 

* Heal heartbreak

* Heal relationships, past and present and recognize your soul mate

* Release fear and bringing peace into your life

* Connect to the powers of creation within you and manifest your dreams

* Access the Divine Mother’s miracle energies for healing and enlightenment

* Develop Brahma (GOD) Consciousness

* Connect and Reconnect with the Divine Mother