Sri Sai Wisdom

For over 7000 years the Sages, Saints + Sadgurus of the Sri-Sai Lineage have been practicing, mastering + protecting extremely powerful Yogic Wisdom known only as “The Divine Enlightenment Channels”. This Ancient Wisdom was kept secret for millennia’s, only handed down from a Sri Sai Master to their most worthy student

Divine Channels

Until, Avatar Swami Sri Sai Kaleshwar was given Divine permission to teach the powerful Yogic Wisdom and The Divine Enlightenment Channels to large groups of western students. This was done to help heal the Soul’s of Humanity + unlock its omnipotent power, unconditional love and deep inner wisdom to assist at this time

Sri Sai Wisdom is Proud to Introduce the Sri Sai Masters, their Divine Channels + Ancient Wisdom

What is the Spiritual Awakening?

The Spiritual Awakening is the Human Soul’s “Spirit Body” aka “Higher-SELF” returning to it’s “Physical Body” after being disconnected for over 25,000 years. The Chakra System, the ability to be empathetic and the ability to understand, experience and express Unconditional Love also known as Divine Love/GOD Love are just 3 aspects of the omnipotent power of the Soul’s “Spirit Body” which is why all 3 of these forgotten Human traits are now returning.

The Spirit-Awakening is the process of YOU the SELF, recognizing, connecting and becoming your Highest and best SELF/Spirit. Our Spirits exist as a separate consciousness from our SELF-Consciousness at the moment but in a  higher realm known as the Spirit Realm. Unfortunately the only way to successfully merge with your Spirit is to Heal your ENTIRE BEING and become Unconditional Love. This is necessary because Your Spirit is made of Pure Unconditional Love Energy and in order for you to merge with it you must also be pure unconditional love energy. 

You do this through SELF-Realization and becoming SELF-Aware and through the process of complete SOUL-Healing, Shadow Healing and the painstaking search for Answers,  Truth and Understanding. All while learning to listen to your Spirits intuitive guidance and becoming conscious and aware of your Soul’s 5 

Body’s as well as become aware of YOU the SELF, your Higher-SELF, your thoughts, your words, your actions and of course your reactions. 

At the conclusion, YOU the SELF and your SOUL’s 5 bodies are healed, you are now learning to recognize, connect, and listen to Your Spirits Intuitive guidance, you are remembering who you are, where you came from and why you are here on Earth at this time and in some cases you are being flooded with information from within (Inner-wisdom returning). 

This then places you onto the path of Inner-Light-Attainment (Enlightenment) which is the process of merging with your Spirit also known as the Inner-Light, becoming One with it. During this process you also gain Your Spirits Spiritual Supernatural Abilities, it’s infinite wisdom, all your memories including everything you’ve ever experienced in past-lives and much much more. 

Sri Sai Wisdom is here to help you understand and get through your Spiritual Awakening Process, heal your Soul and prepare for the return of your Spirit Body. 

5 Element Soul Healing

Soul Healing is the implementation of multiple Healing modalities designed to heal, purify and balance all 5 bodies of The Soul (Mind Body Spirit Emotions and Heart). Shaktipat Chakra Cleansing, Divine Energy Healing, Emotional Trauma and past-life Healing, Yogic Meditations from The Divine Enlightenment Channels, guided meditations and Spiritual Counseling to name a few

The Divine Enlightenment Channels

Would you like to learn the Ancient Yogic Meditations written in the Sri Sai Family‘s Palm Leaf manuscripts? Would you like to heal, purify and bring your entire Soul into balance and harmony while opening your 5 Element Soul and awakening your souls full capacity to bloom? Learn the Ancient processes by which a person can find lasting peace, achieve Divine Love and gain miraculous abilities. All while becoming aware of its SELF and connecting and merging with it’s Higher-SELF

Ancient Knowledge

Sri Sai Wisdom is happy to offer classes dedicated to helping you understand the world we live in and the purpose‘s of life. Do you want to learn the secrets of Creation?  Sri Sai Wisdom can teach you the ‘Science of the Soul‘, we can help you understand the complex world of the Inner-SELF, and we can help you connect and understand the Higher-SELF and it’s relationship to you and the Source